Les Puces du Canal

Strategic crossroad between the French North and South, close to Italy, Germany and Switzerland, Lyon has been a city of fairs and exchanges since Antiquity. The merchants, who then came from Provence, came to trade oils and perfumes with the northern traders, who then went back on the roads of Bourgogne in direction of the Flandres.

The Rhône's capital has never lost any of its luster : Even today, Lyon welcomes numerous ephemeral markets, in which clothes, foodstuffs and all kinds of objects are traded.Same goes for the antiques, which found a privileged place in the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône for almost a century. During times of leisure in Villeurbanne, The Puces market took place consecutively on the place Rivière, place Freyssine or on the old docks of Vaise. It is in 1995 that the market finally sets up on the banks of the Canal de Jonage, which gave its name to the now emblematic Puces du Canal, a major place in the commerce of French art.



The Puces du Canal, it is no less than 8 hectares on which almost 600 merchands are spread.

Each market has its specialty. Under the Tôles, the spine of the Puces du Canal, a surprising variety of goods can be found: from the english-style felt armchair to ancient toys collections, from simple decorative trinkets to painting masterpieces. The Hangar counts almost 100 renowned merchants, offering a vast choice of antiques from the 16th to 20th century. The Village offers containers and finally l'Ecole has a more modern mind, where the plastic furniture already considered as vintage is right next to freshly painted graffitis.

As for the "unpackers", one-day merchants, they enliven this peculiar universe, realm of bargain hunting and great taste, where almost 500 000 visitors wander each year.

Here, ancient furniture is king : be it thanks to the courses in furniture relooking, decoration coaching or home staging, the antiques are brought back to life.

2nd antiques market in France, 5th in Europe, The Puces du Canal takes place in a unique place, a place of innovation and avant garde, where the interiors of tomorrow are conceived, where the most bizarre trends are born, where the newcomer stands side by side with the enlightened collector.



At the Puces du Canal, 200 "sedentary" merchants occupy the four markets' permanent stands. On unpacking days, 400 nomads are added to this count as they come to display their goods and enrich the market with new and unusual pieces !


Come and meet the merchants !




3 rue Eugène Pottier
69100 Villeurbanne

Market hours

  • Thursday : 7 h - 13 h
  • Saturday : 9 h - 13 h
  • Sunday : 7 h - 15 h


Bus 7 - Bus 37 - Arrêt LE ROULET
(37 does not work on Sundays)

By bicycle path via boulevard Laurent Bonnevay.